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Life Together

Life Together

“This tight-knit community has been so impactful for me”

Welcome to something special.

You won’t meet any perfect people at Columbia. But you will meet people who love Jesus and who are excited to invest in you. That goes for everyone – from your new profs, to your classmates, to the librarian and the cook who makes your Bearcat burger.

We look out for each other here. We encourage, we pray, we order pizza at midnight, we learn to disagree with grace. Mostly, we have an amazing time as we help each other grown and learn.

Welcome, intentional, and fun.

Meet Shiana

BA in Biblical Studies, Class of 2019
StuCo President for 2018-2019

“I have felt so encouraged and uplifted by the staff, faculty, and student community. God’s presence is so evident, and I can see that he is at work through the way he is transforming the lives of students here. If I had attended a public university, I would not have learned what I have about myself and about who God has created me to be. Amidst my struggles and mistakes, I am reminded of God’s love and enduring provision and grace for me.”

Meet Caroline

Dip in Church Ministries, Class of 1987
Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Yarrow Alliance 

“It was not just the biblical studies that prepared me for ministry life, it was the caring and nurturing relationships developed with profs and with fellow students. I learned about the importance of community and mentorship at CBC and I am forever grateful for that experience.” 

Meet Allen

BA Biblical Studies, Class of 2017
CEO of MEDA-Paraguay

“The profs at Columbia were one of my biggest highlights. They weren’t just professors. They shaped my personal life. I was a teaching assistant for Jerry Pauls, and he was more than a teacher. He was there if I needed something in a personal sense. He helped me walk through things. It’s not just about going to class and getting things done – it’s about being shaped and being changed.” 

O-Week at Columbia

Orientation Week starts September 3rd, 2022. Check out the schedules below.

You must have questions about getting started at Columbia! Start by checking out the O-Week schedules and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Admissions Advisor. We are so looking forward to meeting you. See you on campus!

Ways to Get Involved

Activities & Committees

The Spiritual Life Committee hosts a weekly prayer group and other events that encourage a Christ-centered community.

The Arts Committee promotes creativity! Past events have included ‘paint nights,’ writing sessions, and student-led art exhibits.

The International Connections Club supports international and bi-cultural students on campus with practical help getting settled into Canadian culture and through community-building events.

Our Missional Life Committee encourages students to engage with our community and make a difference. Last year, they raised funds to put together a Christmas hamper for a local low-income family, and hosted an amazing Community BBQ/Fair for our neighbourhood.

The Social Committee. Pretty self-explanatory. Good times for all!


      • Soccer Fridays
      • The Christmas Banquet
      • Story-tellers Open Mic Nights
      • Bearcat Games


Student Council (StuCo)

Our committees and many of our student activities are led by Student Council, or StuCo (pronounced Stew-Ko!). StuCo reps are nominated and elected by students. Their role is to serve and lead the students of Columbia Bible College by being visible and visionary Christian leaders. StuCo members seek to demonstrate and encourage Christlike behaviour and create an environment that fosters good friendship and community.



Worship Gatherings


  • Tuesday nights, 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Students worshipping together
  • Led by students
  • Music-driven, with other elements too (Scripture, silence, drama, dance, prayer)


  • Thursdays, 10:00 am – 10:50 am
  • No classes during this time
  • Students, staff & faculty worshipping together
  • Chapel services include music, speakers, testimonies, scripture reading, prayer
  • Designed by a team of staff & students
  • Led by different teams of student musicians


Interested in auditioning for the Chapel Teams or Travelling Ministry Team?

Learn more about these opportunities on the Worship Arts page.

Become a Student Leader

“This is an avenue for me to use the gifts & skills I’ve learned in the classroom.”

Developing leaders is part of our ‘why’ at Columbia. We believe in the leadership potential of our students which is why we have up to fifty positions available every year. Applications open in the spring, and include an interview process. If you’re chosen as a student leader, you’ll come to campus early and participate in a fun, intense week of training over the last week of August.

Your role in leadership will be to take part in leading the student body and helping to establish a positive, encouraging community. In addition to weekly leadership classes, student leaders also participate in one on one mentoring with a staff member.

Community Expectations

At Columbia, we aspire to be a community centred on Jesus — where we’re all doing our best to think, respond, speak, and act like Christ. Is this always easy? Not exactly. Especially not when you put almost 500 students, staff, and faculty from different backgrounds and cultures on the same campus!

One of the ways we work at this is by agreeing to a set of guidelines and expectations for how we’re going to learn and live life together. These guidelines are designed to encourage your spiritual, social, and academic growth. If you want to join the Columbia community, you’ll need to agree to live within these expectations and participate in the life, studies, activities and ministries of the College. Please make sure you take a careful look at the Student Handbook before you make the decision to enroll.

Student Accountability Process 

Appeal Process

Ready To Apply?

Interested in joining the Columbia community?

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