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Academic Information


This is a step-by-step guide to registering for courses at Columbia Bible College

Returning to Columbia?

STEP 1 – COMPLETE PRE-REGISTRATION FORM. Each student is required to complete a pre-registration form each semester.

If you are a resident student, click here to fill out your pre-registration form.

If you are a commuter student, click here to fill out your pre-registration form.

STEP 2 – PAY REGISTRATION DEPOSIT. To make your payment, please refer to Payment Information for information on the registration deposit and payment methods. If you have any questions, contact Reception at (604) 853-3358 or info@columbiabc.edu.

For the Winter 2023 semester, the returning resident student deposit is $100.

For the Winter 2023 semester, the commuter student deposit is $100.

STEP 3 – REGISTER. New students will complete course registration with an Admissions Advisor. All returning students will be contacted via their students.columbiabc.edu email with details for booking their registration appointment, upon completion of the above steps.

Students who have been away from Columbia for two semesters or more are required to submit a modified application along with one reference before registering for courses. To re-apply select “re-entry application” on the application form.

Schedules & Timetables

Click on the links below for more information.


September 2022 Timetable

January 2023 Timetable

Course Offerings

September 2022 Offerings

January 2023 Offerings

Textbook Store

The Columbia Textbook Store is located on the first floor of the Resource Centre beside Reception.
The Bookstore carries all current semester textbooks and a limited supply of past semester text books.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm (Contact Reception for exceptions)


Return Policy

Refunds or exchanges will be accepted until the second week of each semester (third day for summer semester) or one week after date of purchase if purchase was made prior to a semester. For a 100% refund or exchange, students must bring the textbook back (a) in the first week of the fall or winter semester, (b) within the first three days of the summer semester, or (c) one week from the date of purchase if the purchase was made prior to the beginning of a semester. A 90% refund is available for textbooks returned the second week of the fall or winter semester.

For an exchange or refund, customers must have the original till receipt (plus debit/credit card or yellow textbook charge receipt if applicable). All refunds will be applied to the student’s account unless original purchase was made with a credit card (refunded to credit card).

Textbooks will NOT be accepted for a refund or exchange if:

  • plastic shrink wrap has been opened or removed (when applicable).
  • textbook has been damaged in any way.
  • any accompanying CD or student aid is missing from the text package.
  • returned after the second week of the fall or winter semesters, or after the third day of the summer semester.

Columbia Bible College reserves the right to refuse refunds if the return does not meet the standards listed in the store policy.

Academic Requests

Transcript Requests

Students and alumni who have a ‘My CBC’ account may request a copy of their official transcript by logging in and submitting the online transcript request.


If you do not have a ‘My CBC’ account, please complete the PDF Transcript Request Form and submitting it in person, by fax/email or by mail. Please note that there is a $10.00 fee for each transcript requested and is due when request is made.


Transcript requests can be made through the Registrar’s office.


If paying by VISA or MasterCard, students may fax or e-mail their completed transcript request form to the Receptionist.

Email: info@columbiabc.edu
Fax: 604-853-3063 (ATTN: Reception)


Students may mail their completed transcript request form along with credit card information or cheque to:

Registrar’s Office
Columbia Bible College
Abbotsford, BC
2940 Clearbrook Road
V2T 2Z8

*Please note that incomplete forms will not be processed.

Syllabi Requests

Students transferring from Columbia Bible College to other academic institutions are sometimes required to provide syllabi for courses they have completed at Columbia.

To request electronic copies of syllabi please contact Academics with the following information:

  1. Course name
  2. Course number
  3. Year and semester course was completed

To request physical copies of syllabi please complete the Syllabus Request Form and return by one of the methods mentioned above. Please note that there is a small fee to cover the cost of photocopying.

Parchment Requests

To request parchment replacement, please contact Academics.

Letter Requests

Students can request the following types of letters by contacting Academics.

  • Letter of Enrolment — click here to complete the request form
  • Letter of Permission — email Erv Klassen
  • Confirmation of Graduation — email Kristara Vainio

Academic Calendar

Fall 2022 Semester


15       Fall Semester Payment Due Date


3          Residence Move In Day

4&5     New & Returning Student Orientation

6          Day and Evening Classes Begin

6-12     Course Add/Drop Week

13         75% Refund for Withdrawal Starts

27         50% Refund for Withdrawal Starts

30         National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (no day or evening classes)


1          Second Payment Due for Deferred Payment Plan

10        Thanksgiving (no day or evening classes)

11         0% Refund for Withdrawal Start

18-24    Mid-term Exams (classes continue)


1          Final Payment Due for Deferred Payment Plan

7          Last Day for Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty

14          Pre-Registration for Winter Semester Starts

11        Remembrance Day (no day or evening classes)


9         Last Day of Classes

12-20  Final Exam Week

15        Winter Semester Payment Due Date

21-Jan 8    Christmas Break (Residence Closed until Jan 8th))

Academic Calendar

Winter 2023 Semester


8        New Student Orientation

9        Day & Evening Classes Begin

9-15   Course Add/Drop Week

16      75% Refund for Withdrawal Starts

30      50% Refund for Withdrawal Starts


1          Second Payment Due for Deferred Payment Plan

13        0% Refund for Withdrawal Starts

13-17   Mid-Semester Grades posted (classes continue)

18-26   Family Day / Reading Week (no day or evening classes)


1          Final Payment Due for Deferred Payment Plan

13          Last Day for Withdrawal from Classes Without Academic Penalty

13         Pre-Registration for Fall Semester Starts


7          Good Friday (no day or evening classes)

10        Easter Monday (no day or evening classes)

14        Last day of Classes

17-25   Final Exams

22        Commencement Ceremony & Reception

Spring/Summer 2023 Semester


15         Spring In-Person Classes Payment Due


1          Spring Modular Classes Begin

1          Spring Online Classes Begin