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Amanda Dick

Academic Support Advisor

Amanda is here to help with Academic accommodations, time management, MLA Formatting, Academic Skills Training and paper editing.

Connect with Amanda through email, booking an appointment online, or by stopping by the Academic Support office at the back of the Library.

Welcome to Academic Support

We seek to better equip students for academic success by creating an open, friendly place for students to learn Columbia’s academic expectations, discuss learning challenges, and receive help so that they can be confident and efficient in their work.

In Academic Support, we recognize that the desire for discipleship and biblical education draws students from every walk of life. Columbia’s students come with a variety of aptitudes, learning styles, educational backgrounds, and life experiences, giving each student a unique set of abilities and challenges when it comes to college-level academic work.

Find Us!

Have a quick question? Can't find an appointment time that works for you? Come to one of our drop-in times for help with your academic work. This is a free service; no appointment necessary. We're located in the back right-hand corner of the library on the second floor of the Resource Centre.

*Note: while we do our utmost best to provide consistent and reliable service, there may be occasional cancellations of drop-in hours due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other unexpected circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Drop-in Hours // Monday-Thursday 1:00 - 4:00 pm

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Academic Accommodations Application Process

With Academic Support to discuss your situation and support needs. Visit our booking Calendar online or drop by the Academic Support Office to do so.


of your support need as discussed with an Academic Support Coordinator. Eligible documentation must have been completed by an appropriate registered professional within the last 5 years. Examples include a psychoeducational assessment, Individual Education Plan (IEP), or doctor's note.


your documentation and support needs to the Academic Success Committee. The Academic Success Committee will determine appropriate accommodations to help you be academically successful.


request by the Academic Success Committee, the Academic Support Coordinator will inform you of the accommodations available to you.


inform your instructors of your academic accommodations and coordinate your support needs in and out of the classroom. (Note: this does not include the details of your disability, which are held confidential by Academic Support Personnel).

Disability Services

Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations

Some students living with identified disabilities or chronic health conditions (including mental illness), may find it necessary to request some academic accommodations to reduce barriers in learning at Columbia Bible College. Our Access Equity Services are designed to assist you as an effective self-advocate in the pursuit of equality and reasonable access and accommodation. In alignment with a student’s previous individual education plan (IEP), psychoeducational assessment, or doctor’s recommendation, we can create an accommodation plan to create opportunities for additional supports in-class, for exams, and more.

If you think you may quality for academic accommodations, we would love to chat with you. We want to help you feel prepared and know what to expect before you arrive on campus! Contact us today to chat about your previous educational experiences and supports, what you hope to achieve at college, and how we can best assist you meet these goals.

Columbia's Access Equity Policy

Students living with identified disabilities (including physical, sensory, learning, or mental health), may find it necessary to request some adaptation to reduce barriers in learning or living situations at Columbia Bible College. The Student Development Department includes Access Equity Services, designed to assist you as an effective self-advocate in the pursuit of equity and reasonable access and accommodation. Access Equity also assists the wider Columbia community to develop appropriate responses toward issues of ability, disability and access to our campus.

Some General, But Important Details
  • Access Equity Services must be initiated by self-identification; without it, the College will not implement any accommodation plan. Students who believe their specific circumstances require accommodation will be required to supply appropriate documentation in a timely manner, and to participate fully in the access development process.
  • Students are not required to use Access Equity support while at Columbia. Students who live with limitations imposed by disability, but who do not choose College-supported assistance, will be assumed by the College not to be in need of accommodations for equitable access.
  • Appropriate (reasonable) accommodation in structures or procedures with Academic, Community Life (Residence or Commuter), Registration, Food Service or other departments will be recommended by AE Services as necessary. Students should be aware that accommodation solutions are developed on an individual basis, and will be designed in keeping with the best interests of the individual student, the College community, and CBC’s academic standards.
  • It is important to be aware of the differences between terms “equity” and “equal” as applied at Columbia Bible College. Where the concept “equal” concerns the state of being identical in number, size, amount, position, status, or treatment, the concept of “equity” pursuers justice, fairness and a reasonable equivalency of treatment or position across differing situations. Columbia’s Access Equity Services are designed to promote equitable, not equal, circumstances.

Academic Coaching

Academic Support offers students one-on-one coaching in important academic skills and strategies, such as time management and personal organization, effective study habits, reading strategies, citation & research skills, and writing at the college level. This is a free service. To book an appointment, visit our online booking tool.


*Due to high demand, editing services are online available to first-year students and all students with a GPA or Course Grade equal to or below a C+ (GPA 2.30). Students wanting to have a paper edited must submit a paper in a PDF or Word (.doc, .docx) format to academic.support@columbiabc.edu, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of their appointment. Students must be prepared to stay for the entire 30-minute appointment as it acts as a mini-“Writer-Workshop.”

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Still Have Questions?

We are happy to connect and help however we can. The best way to reach out is by email or by phone.