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Payment Information

Payment Information


Meet Corina!

She is our Students Account Clerk and will help you with all of your payment needs! Corina is extremely friendly and cares deeply about everyone around her – she will go above and beyond every time!

For more information make sure you look at our:

Payment Methods

Columbia offers several ways for students to make payments to their student account:


Online/Telebanking (this is not an Interac eTransfer)

Columbia is set up with most major banks and Credit Unions. Simply add Columbia Bible College as a payee and use the account number 199999998. (SONIS Student ID numbers formatted ID1234567 will not work in the account number field.)


Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay or Interac eTransfer only through PaySimply

Visit PaySimply, our secure third party payment provider, to pay online with any major credit card (Visa, MC, Amex), PayPal or Interac eTransfer. Please allow 3 business days for processing. A convenience fee will be applied to cover payment handling and processing charges.

Use this information to process your payment:

  • Email Address: Your personal email address
  • Accountholder Name: Student’s full name
  • Account Number: 1999999998



Please bring payment to Reception (1st floor of Resource Center) during regular business hours. If mailing a cheque (do not mail cash), envelopes must be post stamped before the payment deadline to avoid late payment fees.


Cash or Debit at Canada Post

Visit PaySimply, our secure third party payment provider, to generate a QR code to take with you to Canada Post with your payment. Please allow 3 business days for processing. A convenience fee will be applied to cover payment handling and processing charges



Only available at Reception.


Wire Transfer

Please contact Reception to receive more information regarding wire transfer procedures.


Passport to Education

Can be dropped off at Reception or mailed ATTN: Financial Aid. The passport must be received by the college prior to the payment deadline to be used towards that semester’s fees.

Payment Plans & Dates

Columbia offers three different payment plans for students. Click on the plans below for more information and payment dates:

Standard Payment (Full)

The Standard Payment (Full) is for students who wish to pay the full amount of tuition and student fees by payment deadline (see below). Students enrolled in 6 credits or less are required to select the Standard Payment (Full).

Payment Due Dates
Fall Semester August 15, 2024
Winter Semester December 15, 2024
Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) is designed to allow students to break up their tuition and fees into three payments each semester. Students enrolled in 6 credits or less are not eligible for the Deferred Payment Plan. Please note that a documentation fee applies (see Tuition & Fees for more information).

Click here for the DPP Agreement Form.

DPP Due Dates (Fall Semester)
Payment #1 August 15, 2024 50% of total
Payment #2 October 1, 2024 25% of original total
Payment #3 November 1, 2024 Remaining balance


DPP Due Dates (Winter Semester)
Payment #1 December 15, 2024 50% of total
Payment #2 February 1, 2025 25% of original total
Payment #3 March 1, 2025 Remaining balance
Student Loan Payment Plan

The Student Loan Payment Plan is for any student using a government student loan to pay all or a portion of their tuition and fees. Students enrolled in 8 credits or less are not eligible for the Student Loan Payment Plan. Please note that a documentation fee applies (see Tuition & Fees for more information).

To set up a Student Loan Payment Plan, students must submit the Agreement Form along with any required documentation 5 business days before the payment due date.

  • If the September disbursement of the loan covers the amount owed to Columbia, the student is not required to pay anything out of pocket. All loan funds will automatically be directed to Columbia and must be received by September 11, 2024.
  • If the September disbursement of the loan does not cover the amount owed to Columbia, the student is responsible to pay the remaining balance. The portion covered by the student loan must be received by Columbia by September 11, 2024.
  • If a student loan is not yet approved at payment deadline, students will be placed on a modified payment schedule until proof that the student loan has been approved is received by the Financial Aid Office.
Modified Payment Schedule
Fall Semester
August 15, 2024 10% Payment
September 15, 2024 20% Payment
October 1, 2024 35% Payment
November 1, 2024 35% Payment


Winter Semester
December 15, 2024 10% Payment
January 15, 2025 20% Payment
February 1, 2025 35% Payment
March 1, 2025 35% Payment


Payment amount calculated from initial balance owing.

External Funding
  • RESP
  • Government Funding (other than student loans)
  • First Nations Funding
  • External Scholarships & Bursaries

If you have a form of external funding (as listed above) you will need to confirm your enrolment with Columbia. To confirm your enrolment please fill out the Confirmation of Enrolment request form online.

Columbia MUST receive confirmation of your external funding BEFORE the payment deadline of August 15th. Failure to confirm will result in the need to pay your full bill at payment deadline.

Payment Policies

For questions or concerns in regards to Payment Policies, or to see the policies, please contact the Student Accounts Clerk.

Payment Deadlines

If a payment deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, payments made in person or by phone must be done within regular office hours on the previous business day. Late payments will be subject to late fees. Failure to finalize payment within a reasonable amount of time (as determined by Columbia) will result in withdrawal from the College.

Payments After Due Date

Missing a payment will result in a $150 charge. If a student cheque is returned for any reason, a fee of $25 will be charged to the student’s account. Students with unpaid accounts will not be permitted to return or register the following semester until the account is paid in full. Appropriate steps will be taken to collect outstanding accounts.

Student Loan Information

All student loans are required to be payable to Columbia Bible College until the account has been paid in full. Any resulting over-payment of tuition and fees will be available for a refund as stated below. Student loans not approved at the time of registration will not be considered as approved for the purposes of the Columbia Bible College Financial Agreement.

Refunds from Student Accounts

Only payments received in excess on a student account will be available for a refund after Add/Drop Week. An approved student loan is only deemed received after the funds have been wire transferred to Columbia or a cheque has been received by Columbia. Payments received from a parent/legal guardian will only be refunded into the parent’s/legal guardian’s name unless otherwise instructed in writing. Payments received from a supporting agency will not be refunded to the student without prior written authorization as to the intended purpose of any excess funds. Where more than one sponsoring agency has made payments on a student account, any refunds available will be pro-rated to the overall cost of the invoice in conjunction to the payment made and distributed accordingly to all sponsoring agencies first. Please allow 5 business days for a refund to be processed.

Refund Policy for Voluntary Withdrawal and Dismissal
Bookstore Charge Authorizations

Bookstore charge authorizations will only be issued to the maximum amount of credit available on the student’s account. Bookstore charging is to be used for textbooks only and will not be available for personal items. As these authorizations are retained by the bookstore at the time of purchase, it is advised that a student is fully aware of all required textbooks before making purchases (any amount not used cannot be carried forward as credit).


Columbia offers three discounts on tuition and/or housing costs.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You will need to re-apply for discounts every semester.
  • See form details below for application deadline dates:
    • Applications for MK Housing Discount per semester need to be submitted before Sept 15 in Fall and Dec 15 in Winter.
    • Applications received after add/drop week will not be processed for MCMB/MCBC Discount, Spouse of Student Discount, and Mennonite Church Canada Discount.
BC Mennonite Brethren/Mennonite Church BC Discount

Amount: Discount of $5/credit hour.  (This adds up to $630 over a four-year degree.)

Open to: Students from either of Columbia Bible College’s supporting conferences, BC Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches and Mennonite Church BC.

To be eligible for this discount, students must be:

  • an active member or adherent of one of the supporting denominational churches over the last six months.
  • a dependant whose parents(s) are active members of one of the supporting denominational churches over the last six months.

How to apply: Ask your pastor to complete the Conference Discount Application Form.

Spouse of Student Discount

Amount: 100% off audit tuition, 50% off full-credit tuition

Open to: Married students who are both students at Columbia, with at least one spouse enrolled in 12 or more credit hours

The spouse taking fewer credit hours may take audit courses at no charge and credit courses at 50% of the regular cost. This discount only applies to basic tuition and excludes any class fees, external training costs, etc.

How to apply: Apply for the Spouse of Student Discount.

MK ('Missionary Kid') Housing Discount

Amount: 1200.00 discount on Jr Housing per semester (meal plan not included).

Open to: Students age 21 or younger whose parents are active missionaries with MB Mission or MC Canada Witness.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time (12+ credits/semester) and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

How to apply: Ask a staff member from your parents’ mission agency to complete this form before the Fall semester payment due date: Apply for the MK Housing Discount.

Mennonite Church Canada

Amount: 50% of tuition fees

Open to: Supports the training of pastors for the congregation of the Mennonite Church Canada.

How to apply: Apply online here.