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Columbia Bible College seeks to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community. We are grateful for our churches that send students to Columbia, financially contribute to their education, and join in praying and providing opportunities for students to serve. Our desire is to do our work for the church and with the church. Learn how your church can engage more deeply in our shared work of discipleship and ministry leadership training. 

We invite you to share this video with your congregation, in your gatherings and communications. You’re welcome to download the video at the link below!

Staff Serving Churches

We strive to work together with local congregations and provide relevant resources for the church community. Our qualified faculty and staff can be made available for your gatherings and discipleship programs to teach courses, offer lectures and specialized seminars, and serve as pulpit supply when local pastors are on vacation or a church is looking for teaching on a specific topic. 

For more information contact the Director of Integrated Learning. 

Students Serving Churches

We believe in the importance of students building community in the local church while they study at Columbia.  

In their 1st and 2nd years of study, every student must complete a service-based volunteer course called Service Practicum. Eligible practicums include serving in Children’s, Youth, Outreach, Missions or Worship Ministries with a local church. This allows students to gain practical, hands-on experience and churches get to participate in shaping the ministry workers of tomorrow. 

Bachelor of Arts students will also complete an internship in their field of study. This is another great way for churches to elevate their ministries while assisting in the learning experience for students by providing them with an opportunity for hands-on experience. We especially invite churches with pastors or ministry leaders who have a desire to mentor young leaders. 

For more information contact the Director of Integrated Learning. 

Ministry Teams

Churches can request Columbia students, who are involved in developing their skills and heart for worship through the arts, to minister at their local congregation. For more information about ministry teams and special events, contact Shar Warkentin. 

Travelling Ministry Team (6-10 members)

Travelling Ministry Team students are specifically trained to lead contemporary worship combined with renewed traditional forms. These teams can share testimonies and provide special music, offertories, and preludes as a part of their ministry. The team is led by Shar Warkentin who has provided worship leadership in a church in the BC Lower Mainland for over 25 years, including leading and training worship teams, mentoring worship leaders and service planners, directing choirs and ensembles, and producing choir and drama events. 

Chapel Teams (4-6 members)

During the Fall semester, chapel teams gain experience and training from our worship department and are then available to serve churches in the Lower Mainland during the Winter semester. This ministry can be especially helpful for churches whose worship teams need a respite or break. A Worship Arts Faculty Member will provide oversight and assistance to work with the pastor or church leader to make this a beneficial and worshipful experience. 

Special Events

You may have a particular event that requires a special presentation, such as a Christmas Banquet or Women’s Event. Our Worship Arts faculty and students may be the perfect fit to serve in your church community. 

Pastor Resources

We strive to serve pastors in their ministry. Pastors are eligible for a free membership to the Columbia Bible College Library. With over 50,000 books and periodicals, with another 75,000 online resources, the Columbia Library is one of the best Bible and theology libraries in the Fraser Valley. Please contact the Library to apply for a free membership as a pastor. A prox card for an annual fee of $25 will allow access to the college library during the Library’s opening hours in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Additionally, pastors are encouraged to consider Columbia Bible College as the venue for their next conference, retreat, or reunion. Place see Campus Rentals & Conferences for more information.

Church & Camp Match Bursaries

Our Church Match Bursary and Camp Match Bursary are opportunities for churches and Christian summer camps to contribute to students’ educational costs. By choosing to participate in this program, a church or camp can double its contribution to an eligible student. For more information about these bursaries, or for info sheets and fillable forms, visit the Financial Aid page.