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About Columbia

Be known. Make a difference.

Columbia Bible College seeks to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community. Our core values, confession of faith, and history tell a powerful story about this mission.

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Columbia Bible College seeks to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community. We are grateful for our churches that send students to Columbia, financially contribute to their education, and join in praying and providing opportunities for students to serve. Our desire is to do our work for the church and with the church. Learn how your church can engage more deeply in our shared work of discipleship and ministry leadership training. 

We invite you to share this video with your congregation, in your gatherings and communications. You’re welcome to download the video at the link below!

Let's Connect

Staff Serving Churches

We strive to work together with local congregations and provide relevant resources for the church community. Our qualified faculty and staff can be made available for your gatherings and discipleship programs to teach courses, offer lectures and specialized seminars, and serve as pulpit supply when local pastors are on vacation or a church is looking for teaching on a specific topic. 

For more information contact the Director of Integrated Learning. 

Students Serving Churches

We believe in the importance of students building community in the local church while they study at Columbia.  

In their 1st and 2nd years of study, every student must complete a service-based volunteer course called Service Practicum. Eligible practicums include serving in Children’s, Youth, Outreach, Missions or Worship Ministries with a local church. This allows students to gain practical, hands-on experience and churches get to participate in shaping the ministry workers of tomorrow. 

Bachelor of Arts students will also complete an internship in their field of study. This is another great way for churches to elevate their ministries while assisting in the learning experience for students by providing them with an opportunity for hands-on experience. We especially invite churches with pastors or ministry leaders who have a desire to mentor young leaders. 

For more information contact the Director of Integrated Learning. 

Ministry Teams

Churches can request Columbia students, who are involved in developing their skills and heart for worship through the arts, to minister at their local congregation. For more information about ministry teams and special events, contact Shar Warkentin. 

  • Travelling Ministry Team
  • Chapel Teams
  • Special Presentations & Events
Pastor Resources

We strive to serve pastors in their ministry. As such, pastors (as well as others from the community) are welcome to access the CBC Library. With over 40,000 books and periodicals onsite and another 225,000 online resources, the library is one of the best Bible and theology libraries in the Fraser Valley. For more information about borrowing privileges for community borrowers, check out About the Library.

Additionally, pastors are encouraged to consider Columbia Bible College as the venue for their next conference, retreat, or reunion. Please see Campus Rentals & Conferences for more information.

Church Match & Camp Match Bursaries

Our Church Match Bursary and Camp Match Bursary are opportunities for churches and Christian summer camps to contribute to students’ educational costs. By choosing to participate in this program, a church or camp can double its contribution to an eligible student. For more information about these bursaries, or for info sheets and fillable forms, visit the Financial Aid page. 

Katie Rempel

“I used to think that being sent into the world meant going overseas as a missionary. CBC has helped me recognize the importance of serving my community, my neighborhood, and my friends and family.”

—Katie R, Social Entrepreneurship Diploma (Class of 2021)

William B - Circle

“I had previously started a BA in Psychology and wanted to continue studying in this field with the influence of Christian instructors. I have appreciated the focus on counselling because it is unique for an undergrad program. Something else I’ve appreciated is that every psychology instructor I’ve had here has practical experience in applying their skills in counselling practices and are willing to share these experiences (within the confines of confidentiality of course) for the benefit and learning of their students.”

—William B, Psychology Program


“My time at Columbia has shown me, without a doubt, that loving God and being dedicated to the truth of the gospel need to be the foundation upon which I build my life.”

—Rykia G, Intercultural Studies

Donnel S - Circle

“I came into Columbia as someone who lacked conviction and didn’t even really know where I was headed in life- or why. At the same time, I desperately wanted to appear like I had it “all together”, so I often kept others at arms-length. The greatest growth I have experienced is in the fact that I now have a very solid sense of purpose, and I no longer live in a mindset of having to solve every problem by myself. This capacity to accept help and guidance has also allowed me to experience a greater sense of connection in my relationships, and to be more vulnerable. By God’s grace I was nudged out of my comfort zone and drawn into classes, roles, and relationships that allowed me to grow. Of course, I’ve had failures along the way, but there was always support to get back up and keep at it. It has truly reshaped how I see myself and others.”

—Donnel S, Psychology Program


“My time at Columbia has shown me, without a doubt, that loving God and being dedicated to the truth of the gospel need to be the foundation upon which I build my life.”

—Michael F, QUEST


“My time at CBC has taught me how valuable community and mentorship is in my personal relationship with God. I have been offered space to stretch and grow my faith with freedom and intention alongside like-minded people.”

—Rachel S, QUEST

Columbia Alumni

Making a difference in the world for the Kingdom of God

Whether you are a recent graduate or attended Columbia a number of years ago, Columbia Alumni represent a vast and dynamic community that stretches to the four corners of the globe. Over 9000 graduates are enjoying careers as pastors, missionaries, trades people, homemakers, doctors, teachers, writers, politicians and more.

One of the defining elements of Columbia Bible College is the strong community that students experience while attending. We want to ensure that this community continues well past graduation so we have developed a number of ways for our Alumni to stay connected.


Local and visiting Alumni are invited to register for their A-Card and then stop by campus and pick it up at their convenience. (Our apologies, we are unable to put A-Cards in the mail.)

Eligibility Requirements

A-Cards are available to any alumni that have received a certificate, diploma or degree, or have completed a minimum of 31 credit hours.

Complete the Alumni Connect form to register.

Library Services

Free membership to the Library to access over 50,000 books and other resources. A prox card for an annual fee of $25 will allow access to the college library outside of the Library’s opening hours in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Dining Services

Present your A-Card in the Dining Hall and receive one free coffee or tea per day.

Academic Benefits

Free first-time class audit and 50% off qualifying Continuing Education events (Diploma and Degree Alumni only).

Athletics Services

Free membership to the Columbia Fitness Center (September – April) and free admission to Bearcats home games. Please note there is a $25/year charge if you wish to use the Fitness Center in the evenings (prox card required).

Alumni Events

Waive the room booking fee for alumni events held on campus.

Transcript Requests

Students and alumni may request a copy of their official transcript through our online transcript request form, or in person through the Registrar’s office.

Alumni Connect

    What can we help you with? Please provide further details below. What have you been up to? (Optional)

    Alumni Discounts

    As a member of Columbia's alumni community, you qualify for special discounts at local restaurants and businesses! Remember to bring your A-Card and mention the discount.

    Alumni Discounts

    As a member of Columbia's alumni community, you qualify for special discounts at local restaurants and businesses! Remember to bring your A-Card and mention the discount.

    Alumni Stories

    Danielle has benefitted from the Christian community at CBC.

    “I believe God designed us to heal and to thrive. That doesn’t mean we don’t have limitations or stuck points. I believe God made us with the resources within to be connected to who we are at our core – who we are as made in his image. But stuff gets in our way. I love to help people discover healing. That’s the best part of my job. Seeing people who come into my room pretty hopeless discover there’s hope.”

    —Danielle, BA Caregiving & Counselling 2004 | Founder & Counsellor, Re.Pose Therapy

    Jordan is a former student at the Canadian Bible college Columbia Bible College.

    “I am part of a small team responsible for the spiritual care of our staff and clients. Some days I may be talking to someone who has relapsed for the fifth time and is about to give up hope; another day I might be celebrating with someone as they make it to one year clean and sober; another day I might be working through the book of Mark with a new Christian, helping him see Jesus with new eyes.”

    —Jordan, BA Intercultural Studies 2012 | Chaplain, Harbour Light Addictions & Recovery Centre


    “Being a camp director allows me to be intentional with our staff and campers as we spend at least a week together in the middle of Creation, building community and sharing about Jesus. This job brings me so much joy as I watch Jesus work in the lives of kids who are so broken, lonely and scared. I see him speak to them, I see them love the Word of God and I see them feel safe.”

    —Kate, BA Intercultural Studies 2015 | Director, Camp Likely

    Invest in the Next Generation

    How did you discover your calling?

    Do you remember the people who supported you as you learned to follow and serve Jesus? We hope you experienced the incredible gift of having people in your life who cheered you on as you discovered who God created you to be. People who discipled you, listened to your dreams and questions, and invested time, energy, and resources to help you on your journey.

    What if you could be that someone for the young adults around you? At Columbia Bible College, our dream is to help young adults live their best possible lives — lives that are Christ-centered and kingdom-focused. Lives that will impact the world with the love and amazing news of Jesus!

    We would love to partner with you as you make an impact on the next generation of Christ-followers. There are so many ways you can come alongside young adults and give them opportunities to be equipped for a lifetime of discipleship. How will you make a difference?


    Nick B.

    “Being here in community I’ve learned about what it means to love others, to try to work with people, to solve problems in a Christian way, not just a business-like way.”

    Amanda D.

    “We’re encouraged to dream big at Columbia. I would love to travel overseas with my husband and bring college-level biblical education to places where there isn’t any. I’ve also thought a lot about pastoring.”

    Jordan C.

    “If I could preach, teach, make disciples, and facilitate the multiplication of disciple-making as a full-time job, you would just need to tell me where to sign.”

    Four Ways You Can Make an Impact on the Next Generation

    Encourage a Young Adult to Consider Columbia

    You have an amazing capacity to influence. Over and over, we hear that students are choosing to attend Columbia because someone in their life encouraged them to consider it: a friend, a family member, a pastor. We’re so excited these conversations are happening! What about you? Is there someone you care about who’d be a good fit for Columbia?

    Pray for Students & Staff

    “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (Jame 5:16 ESV). Many people aren’t able to support young adults with their time or finances, but they are able to pray. If you’re someone who loves to pray, please contact us and we’ll gladly send you our most current prayer calendar, with specific requests related to our students, faculty, and Columbia community.

    Fund a Student Scholarship

    A gift to Columbia’s Scholarship & Bursaries fund has the potential to be truly meaningful — both to the students whose lives will be changed and to you. When you fund a student award, you have the opportunity to customize your award according to your passions. Maybe that’s giving young people a firm biblical foundation, or training new missionaries. You can also choose to invest in the kind of students you have a heart for, whether that’s a student from a single-parent family, or someone with an exceptional academic record. And many families create a scholarship to honour a friend or family member who’s been a part of our Columbia community, providing a special tribute to that loved one.

    Give to the Columbia Fund

    Make an Online Donation

    Whether $50 or $50,000, each generous gift to the Columbia Fund goes directly to helping students pursue their God-given calling by keeping student tuition and fees affordable and by funding our scholarships & bursaries program. Over 20% of Columbia’s annual revenue comes from the generosity of faithful churches and donors like you!

    There are several ways to donate including one-time or recurring gifts to gifts-in-kind, including stocks or property. To discuss your options please contact the Columbia Development department at 604-853-3358 or email us to have a representative meet with you.

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