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From Foundation to Calling: Rykia Guenther’s Journey of Faith and Ministry

by Rykia Guenther, 4th Year Applied Leadership Student

I came to Columbia to gain a foundation for my faith, but what I unexpectedly found was a calling in life and a deep conviction to share the love of Christ with others. Originally, I had wanted to only complete one year at CBC and then move on to university, but I ended up staying for five years! My time here has challenged me to become responsible for strengthening my relationship to Jesus. Most prominently I found this to be true in my 10-month cross-cultural internship in Nairobi, Kenya during my third year at Columbia.


As I practically put to use the intercultural studies skills I had learned in class, I was challenged to learn a new way to practice my faith. I could no longer operate as if I could make my own joy, but I had to come to terms with the fact that I needed God to provide for me my joy and strength. The opportunity Columbia gave me through my internship was instrumental in helping to mature my faith to become daily practice and meditation as opposed to an afterthought on Sundays.


The faith foundation I have found at Columbia has truly been that, a foundation. My time here has shown me that without a doubt, loving God and being dedicated to the truth of the Gospel needs to be the foundation where I put my life upon. Columbia doesn’t shy away from the dark and difficult realities in life, but it encourages its students to hold firm onto Jesus’ promises despite the fear we experience within our world today.


I came to Columbia with little direction, but now as a graduating student I am confidently leaving feeling equipped and called toward full-time ministry. Columbia has been an amazing experience that has given me a joy and a hope for what else is to come.