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Emergency Rescue Technician (ERT)

Heart & Soul

2 readings
Reading: Spiritual Formation
Reading: The Church in Mission

Mind & Worldview

3 readings
Reading: Old Testament Survey
Reading: New Testament Survey
Reading: Intro to Christian Theology

Strength & Skills

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Love your neighbour as yourself." -Jesus

2 readings
Reading: Effective Relationships or Marriage & Family
Reading: Service Practicum I & II

Emergency Rescue Technician (ERT)


About this course

Develop the character and know-how to rescue people in trouble.


You’re not the type to shy away when people need help. You like to dive in, get your hands dirty, and make a difference.


The Emergency Rescue Technician Certificate is a one-of-a-kind program. It brings together Bible college education with hands-on, action-packed, industry-standard first responder training. You’ll experience eight months of learning that will shape every part of who you are: your worldview, your soul, your character, and your skills.


Our program has been developed with emergency service recruitment methods in mind. Many emergency services worldwide recruit on a points-based system that awards credits for a variety of life experience, education, certifications and experiences. Our students are trained in a way that blends all of these methods so that our well-rounded graduates will score high with recruiters. We have many graduates who have successfully begun careers in Police, Fire, Ambulance, Military and Adventure Guiding as a result of the training they received at Columbia.

Program Schedule


Expect to be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, taking core Bible college classes like Old Testament Survey, the Church in Mission, and Spiritual Formation. You’ll also be able to go to Thursday morning chapels and connect with the Columbia community.


Three eight-hour days a week, and two four-day overnight training operations, are set aside specifically for ERT training over an eight-month span. What this means is that our students, in one year, receive more face to face, hands on training in the field than all the classroom training combined. This allows us to not only train to some of the highest standards in medical, rope rescue and avalanche safety but to also put those skills to practice on the road to personal mastery.


Our year is composed of six, month-plus long training units as follows:

  • ERT 1 – Wilderness Operations
  • Rope Rescue Technician Level 2+
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Avalanche Safety
  • ERT 2 – Wilderness Operations
  • ERT Skills Evaluation

You’ll Graduate With:

  • An Emergency Rescue Technician Certificate from Columbia Bible College
  • The following technical certifications:
    • Emergency Medical Responder – recognized by BC Emergency Health Services. To be licensed as a working EMR, you will need to take a licensing exam. EMR is the first step to becoming a BC paramedic.
    • Advanced Rope Rescue (EMBC-recognized)
    • Avalanche Safety 1 & 2 (Canadian Avalanche Association)

34 academic credits. You will be eligible to transfer into Year 2 of many of our diploma and degree programs, including the Diploma or Bachelor of Arts in Practical Theology, Major in Applied Leadership and Outdoor Leadership. You may also be able to transfer your credits to another institution.  (See our transfer guides.)

Emergency Rescue Technician Program Specific Fees

ERT students pay additional course fees to cover the costs of technical training and out-trips. Each student also needs to buy his or her own set of gear, listed in the equipment checklist.

Updated 2024-2025 Fees Coming Soon!


Description Cost (2023-2024)
Student Application Fee $50.00
Tuition $9,750.00
Textbooks $500.00
Course Materials Approximately $2,000.00 (student is responsible for purchasing equipment)
Administrative Fee (applicable for payment plans) $100.00
Deposit (towards total amount of tuition) $800.00
Course Fees $7,200.00
Residence* $3,300.00
Meal Plan* $4,000.00
Resident Student Fees (Stucco, Recreation Fee, Technology Fee, Residence Programming Fee)* $430.00
Resident Student Parking Fee (Optional)** $200.00
Commuter Fees (Stucco, Recreation Fee, Technology Fee)* $300.00
Commuter Student Parking  Fee (Optional)** $168.00
International Student Medical Plan*** $190.00
Bible Software Fee $15.00
Grad Fee $150.00
Total: $19,665.00 (plus applicable  Commuter, Residence or International Student Fees)

*Students have the option to be either a Resident or Commuter.

**If student does not park a car on campus, they do not have to pay the parking fee.

***International students: Medical plan is mandatory.

  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Advanced Rope Rescue
  • Advanced Safety Training
  • Mountain Rescue Operations
  • Search & Rescue

Develop Solid Christian Character

When crisis hits, you need to be grounded in what really matters. In the ERT program, you’ll develop your mind and soul along with your skills. Your classes will deepen your faith and give you tools for following Jesus 24/7.

Become a Strong Leader

A core focus of the ERT certificate is helping you learn how to take the lead in a crisis. You’ll finish your year with the confidence to make wise decisions that save lives, prevent injuries, and get the job done.

Experience Teamwork

Because we’ve packaged these rescue courses together, you’ll train alongside the same people over eight full months. You’ll learn how to collaborate, rely on each other, and push each other to reach your potential.

Enjoy West Coast Training

There is no better place than the West Coast to learn emergency rescue skills. You’ll experience terrain that ranges from mountains to ravines to rivers and oceans.

Student Stories

Allie P.

“I have learned to grow in my faith with professors who push me to dive deeper into the Bible and ask questions, I’ve grown in allowing space to be guided by the Spirit and trusting in the process, and mostly I’ve grown in experiencing my salvation in the beautiful creation of British Columbia!”

Owen T.

“I have grown so much during this time, though most noticeably in my confidence. Before CBC I was very quiet, avoiding conversation and would often become quite nervous in situations where I needed to speak to those who I didn’t know very well. Since coming to CBC, I am far more comfortable speaking to others and sharing my experiences, often opening up in conversation and have worked multiple jobs where conversation is the main focus of the job.


My time at CBC has reinvigorated my passion for helping others. I plan to continue working in the rescue industry working towards further certifications in paramedicine and working as a ski patroller in the winters.”

To view the Program Objectives for the Certificate in Emergency Rescue Technician, click here.


This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.


Heart & Soul 0/2

2 readings
Reading: Spiritual Formation
Reading: The Church in Mission

Mind & Worldview 0/3

3 readings
Reading: Old Testament Survey
Reading: New Testament Survey
Reading: Intro to Christian Theology

Strength & Skills 0/2

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Love your neighbour as yourself." -Jesus

2 readings
Reading: Effective Relationships or Marriage & Family
Reading: Service Practicum I & II